Elizabeth Adda Robinson Ratcliffe
In Memoriam

Text Helen Rubardt read at April 17, 2016 Memorial Service



I want to share a short poen that was written by a very good friend of Liz’s who used to be in this church: Ann Berens. And she encapsulates what everybody’s been saying. It’s a short poem called “LIZ IS!”.

Open to life and friendship!
Strong to conquer obstacles
and stay the course.
Liz is! She knows herself,
accepting all she is.
Being free to be—Liz is!
Joy in friendship shows
in honest, smiling eyes.
She understands, sees truth.
No falseness claims her actions, thoughts.
A sense of humor balances her life,
helps her to cope, to hope.
She knows her mind. It speaks to her.
True to herself, she listens, lives in
harmony with those she loves.

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