Elizabeth Adda Robinson Ratcliffe
In Memoriam
Memorial Service, 17 April 2016
        Reflections and Remembering
Ashes Scattering Ceremony, 22, August 2016
Commending Her Life
Elizabeth Adda Robinson Ratcliffe
1 November 1923 - 17 December 2015
First Congregational Church of Berkeley
17 April 2016
Memorial Service Program:
Commending Her Journey
Reflections and Remembering:
         Steve Ratcliffe:  
For Lepai
         Bruce Ratcliffe:  
Your Presence In Our Lives For 9+ Decades
Extended version
         Oona Ratcliffe:  
Being Moms of Large Families
         Helen Rubardt:  
Liz Is
         Flossie Lewis:  
You’re Sheltering Me Now
         Dave Ratcliffe:  
Martins Beach

Ashes Scattering Ceremony
22 August 2016
In January 2011, Elizabeth wrote:

My ashes final resting

At a convenient date for my family members and friends, I want my ashes to be scattered in the Pacific Ocean. I want a service performed on the boat, “Lovely Martha” similar to one I attended for Dan Apra in the spring of 2010. Mike Rescino was the boat’s captain, who has officiated in many of such ceremonies.
The ceremony took place on Monday, August 22. The “Lovely Martha” was in the shop for repairs so Captain Mike welcomed us aboard the Silver Fox instead. We left Fisherman’s Wharf bound for Kirby Cove, west of the Golden Gate’s north tower, about 9:30 am. Rachel Bauman, our Minister from the First Congregational Church, officiated. Others present (in order of appearance in the following): Lewis with Rachel, Johnny, Patty and Kirk, Charlotte Russell, Patty, Dave, Johnny, Nanette, Bruce, Connie, Dave, Nanette, Patty, Steve, ... and Helen Rubardt. Heartfelt thanks to Cynthia Perry for the lion’s share of these pictures, with the remainder coming from Steve. (Click an image to view hi-res.)
Where We Said Hello Goodbye

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